How do I replace a smoke detector battery?

To replace a smoked detector hardwired with a backup battery you need to turn off the household power to the circuit supplying by switching off the circuit breaker. Access smoke detector by using a ladder or a chair and remove the smoke detector from the mounting base. You have to turn the smoke detector counter-clockwise but in case if smoke detector doesn’t disengage then it might be due to tamper-resistant mounting bracket.

Release by shifting the locking pin into the unit. You don’t need to push it immediately and tilt the smoke detector to the side by locating the wire connector leading into the unit. Unplug the wire from the smoke detector or mounting base. Return the smoke detectors battery at the door normally located either on the side or the back of the unit. Now you need to Reconnect the wiring harness to the unit or base, apply the unit into the base and turn the unit clockwise engage it on the base Francis Fire Protection Services Ltd.

Turn on the circuit breaker for restoring household power to the detector’s circuit. Finally, examine the smoke detector with the test button. When it comes to replacing the Smoke Detector Batteries you have to access the smoke detector within a chair and to replace the battery you should twist the detector counterclockwise. Release the detector with the mounting plate remaining on the ceiling. Most of the smoke detectors possess a tamper-resistant feature for preventing children from removing the device.

Disengage it with a locking pin and replace the battery by following the smoke detector instructions. Set the smoke detector back in the mounting bracket and lightly turn clockwise. The smoke detector should engage. Examine the smoke detector with the testing button that is placed on the face of the unit. If you are still confused feel free to contact Francis Fire Protection Services Ltd for further assistance.


It is very essential to clean a house after fire damage so that you can obtain a healthy living environment as soon as possible. When it comes to cleaning the exterior of the house you should consult an inspector to analyze the foundations and support structures of the roof, decks, and entrances as you begin cleaning. Check the roofs and clean gutters for removing any clogging debris or ash that can make additional damage. It is best to use a power washer for removing all harmful materials including ash, soot, and chemical fire retardants as possible.

If a small area is damaged then you can clean it by using a stiff brush, solution of water, and borax to clean the damaged surface. Windows will require to be washed with glass cleaner. Lastly, tackle the walkways and driveway by eliminating any solid trash and power wash to eliminate soot and grime. Cleaning the interior finishes also require the assistance of an inspector especially if the damage is extensive, you need to talk with a Professional to obtain services of removing excess water, heavily damaged wood and building materials.

In case of small fires, you just have to open all the windows and bring in fans for increasing the air circulation and pulling out all wet vinyl flooring, carpets, and carpet padding. Dispose everything properly by removing all items to the garage and cleaning to tackle the interior finishes. Remove smoke and soot from furniture, clothes, and Home accessories and after fire dispose of three items including Perishable food, Non-Perishable food, cosmetic, medicine plus electrical pieces of equipment like small appliances or amusement equipment.

They should use until they have been checked for water damage and heat damage to wiring. Here at Francis Fire Protection Services Ltd, you can find more information regarding fire safety protection, fire safety training, and fire extinguisher services


Fire safety training is considered as the backbone of the fire safety department that produces a well-prepared individual that can speed up the operation of fire protection service by reducing the injuries. By taking fire safety training you would be able to minimize the damage and save lives. It can train employees and customers to organize a team of people who knows exactly how to handle an event of a fire. 

Fire safety training gives people peace of mind by guiding them to stay calm as much as possible during the event of a fire. If people begin to frighten, they might not understand what to expect and they may fight to jump from the building. It will give them reassurance and confidence to handle any pathetic situation easily.

Most of the workplaces implement more comprehensive training than others. It will boost employee’s skills by guiding them to get an idea about the potential hazards, how to evacuate in the event of an emergency and how to use firefighting equipment such as extinguishers, fire hoses, blankets, etc. The fire safety training will involve a display of all the products so that they can be easily utilized during an emergency.

It is very important to have all the safety products at your place either at home or at the office. The major advantage of the fire safety training program is to encourage every individual so that one can save lives when it is most required. You can join a fire safety training course at any training institution here I would like to recommend Francis Fire Protection Services Ltd to join and get the best training with the assistance of Professionals. The safety training course covers a variety of topics including characteristics of fire and how fires start. You will get training on how to react to a fire, fire extinguisher types, and their uses.